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9 August 2012 22:30

Gold is at $1,617 this evening. We are beginning to wonder if we should tighten our buy/sell increments somewhat as gold seems to be stuck in a very tight range. We are currently working with a $50 increment (i.e. what we buy at $1,580 we sell at $1,630) but this isn’t working at the moment.

We remember, however, that this is a marathon and not a sprint and as this gold bull progresses we feel that we will be increasing this increment to the hundreds of dollars rather than decreasing it. We watch and wait.

30 July 2012 07:35

Gold is down slightly this morning at $1618. We believe that there is a great deal of gold positive karma at the moment and think that it is only a matter of time before strength in the gold price resumes. We are happy to wait for that to happen.

27 July 2012 16:34

Gold has increased over $30 over the last few days, to currently stand at $1626, and we at the barbarous relic are beginning to wonder whether gold’s weakness may be coming to an end. The increase is currently too small to cause us to act upon it. We are currently waiting to see what unfolds.